Our Cheesemakers

Ellyn LaddEllyn Ladd

Ellyn Ladd spent over 20 years working with another well-known Vermont dairy company: Ben & Jerry’s. Prior to joining Grafton Village Cheese, she spent two years with a company that produced yogurt and fresh mozzarella with water buffalo milk. She helped commission the new Brattleboro facility for Grafton in 2008 and is currently the General Manager for the cheese company.



EliotEliot Morse

Eliot Morse has dairy in his blood. His family’s farm recently celebrated 100 years in the same family. He started making cheese for Grafton Village Cheese in 2008 and helps out driving the whey truck from time to time. He’s also engaged in several educational programs sponsored by Grafton and appreciates the community involvement. Having experienced the ups and downs of the dairy industry for the past 20 years or so, Eliot values “the concern that Grafton Village Cheese has for the smaller, local dairies that it supports.”


GregjpgGreg Joslyn

A key member of the Grafton cheesemaking team is Greg Joslyn. His father became a cheesemaker right out of high school, and Greg and his brother, Chris, used to come to the cheese plant on the weekends to help out. The family affair extended to Greg’s uncle, who also made cheese for about 20 years. While working at a sister company of the Windham Foundation 12 years ago, Greg was asked to help out with the second shift. He’s been making cheese ever since, and is currently the Production Supervisor at the Brattleboro plant, having recently completed the University of Vermont Cheesemaking Certificate Program. His favorite cheesy factoid: that only 21 ounces of rennet can coagulate 1500 pounds of milk.