3 Year Aged Cheddar

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Can you remember what you were doing three years ago? We were making cheese – this cheese. Grafton’s 3 Year Cheddar is a testament to patience and faith: the patience to let it mature for a full 3 years, and the faith that the desired flavors will emerge in that time.

Our 3 Year Cheddar is simultaneously bold & smooth, with bright, sharp flavors that are rounded in a nuanced way that only comes with time. This is a firm, creamy cheddar with aromas of cultured butter and fresh yogurt, and a dense texture that may crumble. Flavors are big and bold: toasted walnuts, citrus fruit, richly umami with a long finish.

You’ve waited 3 years for it; this is a cheese to relish. Serve with fruit-forward red wines or dark, nutty ales. We love to pair 3 Year Cheddar with pumpernickel bread, mustard and pickled onions, but also try with dates or peach jam. While it can be melted, the texture will be more balanced if blended with younger cheeses


Unpasteurized cow milk, salt, cultures, enzymes

Pairing Suggestions:

Bold, full-bodied reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Barolo. IPA, Oatmeal Stout.

Recent Awards:

Silver, Big E Gold Medal Cheese Competition, 2015
Silver, International Cheese Awards, 2014
Silver, International Cheese Awards, 2013
Silver Finalist, sofi Awards, National Association of Specialty Food Trade, 2012