Garlic Cheddar

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Now available smoked!

The perfect combination of a mild cheddar and the earthy, spicy flavors of fresh garlic, Grafton’s Garlic Cheddar is a pungent answer to the call of garlic-lovers everywhere. This sweet, somewhat creamy cheese has notes of sour cream & onion, with the spicy-sweet flavor of garlic throughout the finish.

Serve on a cheese board with pickles, hearty bread and a spicy chutney or mustard. Add zing to a roast beef sandwich or French dip! Garlic Cheddar melts with a very even body and pleasant garlic aroma that is slightly subdued when heated.


Unpasteurized cow milk, salt, cultures, enzymes, granulated garlic

Pairing Suggestions:

Wine: Brunello, Italian Reds
Beer: Wheat ale