Queen of Quality Clothbound Cheddar

A very limited cheese made with milk from Spring Brook Farm. Pure Jersey grass-fed milk gives this cave-aged clothbound cheddar a creamy mouthfeel and vibrant color.




Unpasteurized cow milk, salt, culture, enzymes

Pairing Suggestions:

Wine: Oregon Chardonnay, German Reisling
Beer: Pilsner style lagers

Recent Awards:

Second, American Cheese Society, 2015 Second, US Championship Cheese Contest, 2015 First, American Cheese Society, 2014 (Queen of Quality) Gold (2), International Cheese Awards, 2014 (Queen of Quality) Reefer 90s Trophy, Best USA Cheese, International Cheese Awards, 2014 (Queen of Quality) Second Place Ribbon, American Cheese Society, 2013 Gold, World Cheese Awards, 2012