Our Cheeses

wholesaleThe Grafton Village line includes distinctive cheddar cheeses that have been aged for up to five years, plus a selection of flavored cheddars. Our Cave Aged line is made of cow, sheep and mixed milk original cheeses that are cave-aged at our Grafton facility and vary with each season.

All of our cheeses are free of artificial hormones and antibiotics. The rennet used is microbial, making our cheeses vegetarian approved.

Grafton Cheddar

Our Grafton Village line of aged cheddar is handmade using traditional methods, using primarily Jersey cow’s milk, known for its high protein and butterfat content. Our flavored cheddars are done so with natural ingredients. Our traditional cheddars are aged from one to five years, sometimes longer. The more the cheese ages, a stronger “bite” is developed.

Cave Aged Cheddar

Taking us beyond our roots in cheddar, these small batch cheeses are carefully matured in our aging caves in Grafton. Our Cave Aged line includes cow’s milk, sheep’s milk and mixed milk cheeses that evolve with the seasons.
sqf logoGrafton Village Cheese is SQF-certified and committed to food safety.

Garlic Cheddar

Now available smoked!

The perfect combination of a mild cheddar and the earthy, spicy flavors of fresh garlic, Grafton’s Garlic Cheddar is a pungent answer to the call of garlic-lovers everywhere. This sweet, somewhat creamy cheese has notes of sour cream & onion, with the spicy-sweet flavor of garlic throughout the finish.

Serve on a cheese board with pickles, hearty bread and a spicy chutney or mustard. Add zing to a roast beef sandwich or French dip! Garlic Cheddar melts with a very even body and pleasant garlic aroma that is slightly subdued when heated.


Wine: Brunello, Italian reds
Beer: Wheat ale


Best in cooking and in sandwiches. A great melter. Macaroni and cheese, deli sandwiches, breakfast items, baked goods; the opportunities are endless in cooking applications.

Garlic Cheddar Ingredients

Unpasteurized cow milk, salt, cultures, enzymes, granulated garlic