Clothbound Cheddar

Grafton’s signature Clothbound Cheddar is wrapped in cheesecloth and cave aged for a minimum of 7 months, a traditional method used for centuries in Britain and the pre-industrialized US. Aging in cloth allows this cheese to take on a deeper variety of flavors than its plastic-aged counterparts, and at a younger age. The texture is firm and creamy with a tendency to crumble.

Clothbound Cheddar has a mottled gray rind with aromas of cave, mushrooms, and fresh butter. Flavors are similar to a traditional English cheddar: grassy, nutty notes dominate with some lemony accents, with a smooth, lactic body that carries on through a meaty finish.

Best served as a table cheese or mix with younger cheeses to add depth to a melted blend for cooking. Create a ploughman’s lunch of Clothbound Cheddar with a spicy tomato chutney, cured meats and pickles.

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Unpasteurized/raw cow milk, salt, culture, enzymes

Pairing Suggestions:

Wine: Pinot Noir, Chablis, off-dry Riesling
Beer: Wheat Beer, Red Ale
Off Dry Cider

Recent Awards:

1st Place, American Cheese Society, 2023
Gold, International Cheese & Dairy Awards, 2022
1st Place, American Cheese Society, 2022
Bronze, The Big E, 2022
2nd Place, American Cheese Society, 2019
Gold, International Cheese & Dairy Award, 2019
Silver, The Big E, 2018
Silver, The Big E, 2018
Bronze, The Big E, 2016
Bronze, International Cheese Awards, 2016

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