Can I visit? / Do you have a store at your cheese making facilities?

Yes! In Brattleboro, we have a large retail store featuring not only our cheese but more than 80 types of artisan cheeses, wine, specialty foods and gifts.

In Grafton, MKT (a local café and market) located a few doors down from the Grafton Inn carries our cheeses. And just down the road is our Grafton production facility where you can watch cheese being made.

Are tours of your factory available?

Walking tours inside our facilities are prohibited due to sanitary concerns. At our Grafton facility, we have a large viewing window where you can watch the cheese being made.

Can I freeze your cheese?

In general freezing cheese is not recommended. Texture and flavor are altered during the freezing process. If you MUST freeze the cheese, we suggest shredding it first and wrapping it in air tight zip-lock freezer bags. Cheese that has been frozen can still be used for cooking with little or no flavor change.

How should Grafton Cheese be served?

Always bring cheese to room temperature before cutting or serving; this allows for maximum flavor.

Where can I find Grafton Village Cheese near me?

Please give us a call at 802-246-1000 and we will do our best to help you.

Where does Grafton Village Cheese get its milk from?

We get our premium, hormone-free milk from small, local family farms. Four our cow’s milk cheeses, we use primarily Jersey cow’s milk because of its high components of protein and milk fat, which creates our flavor profile.

I am lactose – intolerant. Can I eat Grafton cheddar?

Aged cheeses have very little to no lactose, including cheddar. We do recommend that you take your doctor’s advice before including dairy products into your diet if lactose-intolerant.

I am pregnant, can I eat your cheese?

According to FDA standards, our cheese, although heat-treated/thermized, is considered a raw milk product. Since our cheeses are aged for more than 60 days, they meet raw milk cheese regulations for consumption. We always recommend that you take your doctor’s advice before eating raw milk cheeses if you are pregnant.

I’m a vegetarian. Can I eat your cheese?

Grafton cheeses are vegetarian approved. Grafton cheddar and specialty cheeses use a naturally-derived microbial rennet, which is vegetarian approved.

I’m gluten free. Can I eat your cheese?

Grafton Village Cheese is gluten free.

What are the facts of Raw Milk cheese?

Grafton Village Cheeses are made from the finest raw milk from local family farms. The milk is heat-treated to ensure the quality of our end products.

Pasteurization of milk alters the richer, more complex flavors in cheese, so raw milk cheese is a joy to artisanal cheese lovers. By law, raw milk cheese must be aged for 60 days. At Grafton Cheese, all our cheeses are aged for a minimum of 60 days.

Are your cheeses GMO free?

Our cultures, enzymes and rennet are GMO-free. Our milk supply comes from small farms across the region. There is currently not enough non-GMO feed for our interests, which in turn drives the price up for the existing supply and would raise the price of our products.

We have joined a regional working group focused on increasing the supply of affordable non-GMO feed in the Northeast. This is a long-term process. Non-GMO feed is a complex issue. We are doing our best to understand the issues and alternatives while balancing the impact on Vermont’s agricultural economy.

How much milk does it take to make one pound of Grafton Cheddar?

About 10 pounds of milk
~8.5 lbs of milk = 1 gallon

Who is the Windham Foundation?

The Windham Foundation is the parent company of Grafton Village Cheese. It is an operating foundation whose mission is to promote Vermont’s rural communities. As a mission driven business, Grafton’s profits help to fund philanthropic programs that benefit the state. In addition to Grafton Cheese, the Foundation owns the historic Grafton Inn and Grafton Ponds Outdoor Center in Grafton, Vt.