Shepsog is the Algonquin word for “sheep,” which covered Vermont’s hillsides during the booming wool industry of the 19th century. The forest has since reclaimed our hills, but we still source top quality sheep milk to make this mixed-milk, cave aged beauty.

Made from unpasteurized/raw sheep and cow’s milk and aged for a minimum of 7 months, Shepsog has a dusty gray and white mottled rind with a firm texture that echoes the curd structure of the cheese. Expect aromas of cultured butter and fresh buttermilk, alongside bright flavors that are lemony and sweet, notes of caramel and a clean, nutty finish.

Shepsog is best served as a table cheese. Pair with toasted nuts and raw honey; shave over grilled asparagus; or enjoy with a handful of trail mix as you observe the view from your nearest mountaintop.

Pairing Suggestions:

Earthy reds such as Zinfandel, Primitivo, and for white a Sauvignon Blanc. Normandy-style hard cider.

Recent Awards:

1st Place, American Cheese Society, 2023
Silver, International Cheese & Dairy Awards, 2023
International Cheese & Dairy Awards, 2022
Gold and Honorable Mention Best of Show, The Big E, 2022
1st & Best of Show Finalist, American Cheese Society, 2019
Gold, The Big E, 2019
Third Place, American Cheese Society, 2018
Best of Show, The Big E, 2017
Gold, World Cheese Awards, 2016
Best of Show Runner Up, The Big E, 2016
Gold, International Cheese Awards, 2016

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