Product Category: Cave Aged Cheese

Clothbound Cheddar

Our classic milled curd cow milk cheddar is wrapped in cheesecloth while it ages slowly in our own aging rooms in Grafton for a minimum six months. Our cheese is made with milk from small local family farms, using primarily Jersey cow milk, offering a richer, creamier profile. A very bold cheese with both nut…


Our expert cheesemakers combine high-quality sheep and cows’ milk to make a gorgeous wheel of cheese, which is then cave-aged for at least five months. Complex and earthy, its butter-yellow semi-firm paste is protected by a velvety rind of white and gray molds. Shepsog means ‘sheep’ in the indigenous Native American Algonquin language. This cheese…

Bear Hill

This washed-rind alpine style cheese, made with 100% sheep milk, is gently fruity and nutty, with a smooth, milky mouthfeel and a hint of sweetness. Named for the bluff overlooking Grafton Village.

Queen of Quality Clothbound Cheddar

A very limited cheese made with milk from Spring Brook Farm. Pure Jersey grass-fed milk gives this cave-aged clothbound cheddar a creamy mouthfeel and vibrant color.