Product Category: Flavored Cheese

Sage Cheddar

Seasoned with hand-rubbed Dalmatian Sage and Sage Oil, this flavored cheddar is superb as a table cheese or as an addition to poultry dishes. Perfect for holidays.

Garlic Cheddar

Real garlic is the key to our vibrant garlic cheddar, resulting in a smooth, savory, meltable cheese. We can’t imagine a better macaroni and cheese than one made with this cheddar.

Truffle Cheddar – NEW!

A delicate balance between the earthy flavors of truffle and the smooth, rich bite of our cheddar. An ideal cheese for cooking or as a centerpiece of a cheese plate.

Smoked Chili Cheddar

Our Smoked Chili Cheddar is a rich combination of smoke and heat. Made with habanero, jalapeno and pasilla peppers, then smoked with maple wood chips. Aged for a minimum of 60 days. Note to pepper cheese fans: it’s not mild. Expect a real kick.

Maple Smoked Cheddar

Cold-smoked over smoldering maplewood chips for up to four hours, our smoked cheddar is transformed into a smooth, smoky delicacy that’s both subtle and flavorful.

Vermont Leyden

Leidse Kaas (Leyden Cheese) is a cheese made on farms, historically in the Leiden area of the Netherlands. A cow’s milk cheese that is aged a minimum of two months, Leyden has a big buttery flavor and texture that is brightened with the warmth of cumin seeds. This cheese mellows with age while growing in…