Donation Requests

Donation Request Guidelines

Donations are an important aspect of Grafton Village Cheese Company’s community involvement. As a business of The Windham Foundation, our social contributions are part of the mission to promote Vermont’s rural communities. We take pride in our ability to help in your cause. While we try to fulfill many requests, we do have guidelines for our cheese donations. We appreciate your understanding and compliance with the guidelines below, as well as your continued support of Grafton Village Cheese Company.

Grafton Village Cheese is happy to support the following causes with donations:
1. Organizations within our local community (please note: we do not provide donations out of state)
2. Causes in which our employees are involved
3. Efforts to support healthy lifestyles for children

Please note, we are unable to provide donations to religious organizations (schools, churches, etc.) if the fundraising is for general funds or missions. If it is for a community related service, then we can consider the request.
If your request fits into one of the three categories above, please read the following criteria and fill out the request form. If your donation request does not fit into these categories, we are unable to assist you.

We evaluate our donation requests on the first Tuesday of every month and ask that you please plan your request accordingly. We require that all donation requests must be received at least FOUR WEEKS prior to the requested ship/pick up date. There are no exceptions.

Grafton Village Cheese Company has the right to determine the amount of cheese that you will receive. We try to accommodate your needs, but please realize that we do have limitations.

Grafton Village Cheese donates no more than two times per calendar year to an organization. In most cases, we donate either trim or random weight products.

The requestor must pick up their donation request at the Brattleboro facility at 400 Linden St. (Route 30) Brattleboro, VT 05301. A confirmation date will be forwarded to you via email. If after three (3) days you fail to pick up your donation, it will be put back in inventory.

Thank you for taking the time to review our Corporate Donations Guidelines.

Please complete the Donation Request Form and return it by fax to (802) 246-2210 or by mail to Grafton Village Cheese Company, Attn: Donations Department, 400 Linden Street, Brattleboro, VT 05301.

We extend our best wishes for the success of your endeavors, and we thank you for including Grafton Village Cheese and for your work in support of our Vermont community.

Donation Request Form