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Product Category: Aged Cheddar

1 Year Aged Cheddar

A younger version of our flagship cheddar, it is aged for one full year to achieve the classic New England cheddar profile: comforting, lightly tangy, and rich. When determining which batches to use for 1 Year Aged Cheddar, we look for slightly creamier textures and sweeter flavors that are best showcased in a relatively young…

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2 Year Aged Cheddar

Grafton’s flagship cheddar is made with unpasteurized/raw cow’s milk and aged for two full years to achieve a mature flavor and dense, firm-yet-creamy texture. Young cheddar is tasted early on to determine the best trajectory for aging; for 2 Year Aged Cheddar we look for balanced acidity and moisture that will hold up over time.…

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