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Wholesale Product Category: Cave Aged Cheeses


“When considering how best to use the beautiful sheep’s milk we get from a local Amish dairy, I thought about my Spanish ancestors and the Pyrenees cheeses they produced. It inspired me to create something in a similar style, something with the floral, herbaceous flavors in the milk that comes from sheep feeding on grasses…

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Shepsog is the Algonquin word for “sheep”, which once covered Vermont’s hillsides during the booming wool industry of the 19th century. The forest has since reclaimed our hills, but we still source top quality sheep milk to make this mixed-milk, cave-aged beauty. Made from raw sheep and cow’s milk and aged for a minimum of…

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Bear Hill

This alpine-style cheese is named for the scenic bluff overlooking the village of Grafton, Bear Hill. It is washed-rind, made with raw sheep’s milk and cave aged for a minimum of 7 months. This cheese combines the sweet and nutty flavors characteristic of alpine cheeses with a fruity and savory complexity brought on by the…

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Clothbound Cheddar

Grafton’s signature Clothbound Cheddar is wrapped in cheesecloth and cave-aged for a minimum of 7 months, a traditional method used for centuries in Britain and the pre-industrialized US. Aging in cloth allows this cheese to take on a deeper variety of flavors than its plastic-aged counterparts, and at a younger age. The texture is firm…

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