Reserve Aged Cheddar

This tangy, bold cheddar has a depth of flavor that comes from decades of experience refining quality aged cheddar. Batches of Grafton Reserve Cheddar are chosen during their formative years for long aging. The flavors are brothy and bright, with fruit and citrus notes. A creamy mouthfeel disproves the often-crumbly appearance, and the long, complex finish is pleasing to the palate.

This is a cheese with character and deserves to be savored. When pairing, choose similarly strong-flavored foods or beverages: whiskey, full-bodied wine or hearty beers; dried tart cherries; roasted meats; mustard; spicy salumi. Reserve Aged Cheddar can be grated or crumbled to add a zesty sharpness to a hearty salad or bowl of chili.

We also love to pair Grafton Reserve Aged Cheddar with pumpernickel bread, mustard and pickled onions. Try with dates or peach jam. Blend with younger cheeses for a balance of texture and flavor when cooking with or melting this cheese.


Unpasteurized/raw cow milk, salt, cultures, enzymes

Pairing Suggestions:

Bold, full-bodied reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Barolo; IPA, Oatmeal Stout; and neat whiskey.