Apple and Cheddar Stuffed Brussels Sprouts

This recipe was created and photographed by Lee of The Rogue Brussel Sprout Blog. Lee is a native Vermonter and grew up eating Grafton Cheese! You can see more of her work on Instagram and on her blog.


What’s fun, delicious, cheesy, sweet, juicy, and herby all at the same time? These decadent Apple and Cheddar Stuffed Brussels Sprouts! They’re a perfect way to celebrate Brussels sprout season and are such a festive holiday appetizer. This dish takes brussel sprouts to a new level by stuffing them with sweet, juicy apple and sharp cheddar. It’s a classic pairing of fall flavors, but in a totally unexpected format. Finish them off with some flaky sea salt, some fresh thyme, and maybe even a drizzle of maple syrup and you’ll have yourself the perfect two-bite snack.

36 very large Brussels sprouts
Olive oil for cooking
Splash of apple cider
Generous salt and pepper
8oz Grafton Village One Year or Two Year Aged Cheddar
3 Honeycrisp apples
Few sprigs of fresh thyme
Flaky sea salt like fleur de sel
Optional drizzle of maple syrup


Cut the Brussels sprouts in half to create two symmetrical sides. Lay them all, cut-side down, in a large, oiled skillet.

Cook the Brussels sprouts on medium-high heat until the cut sides become browned and caramelized. Check them frequently to avoid burning.

Turn the heat to low, then add a generous splash of apple cider and generous salt and pepper. Put a lid on the skillet to steam the Brussels sprouts. Let them finish cooking in the cider for 5-10 minutes, depending on their size. They should be tender but not soft.

While the Brussels sprouts are cooking, thinly slice the cheese and apples. You’ll need one slice of cheese and one slice of apple for each whole Brussels sprout.

When the Brussels sprouts are tender, remove them from the skillet. Sandwich one slice of cheese and one slice of apple in between two Brussels sprout halves.

If you want to melt the cheese more fully, put the assembled Brussels sprouts in an oven-safe dish and in a 350-degree oven for a few minutes.

Just before serving, add a sprinkle of flaky sea salt and some fresh thyme. If you like the sweet and salt combination, a small drizzle of maple syrup is also lovely.