Our Cheese

productsGrafton Village Cheese Company produces handmade, raw milk cheeses with premium hormone-free milk collected from small family farms. Our original cheddars include distinctive cheeses that have been aged for up to four years and a selection of flavored cheddars. Our Cave Aged line is made of cow, sheep and mixed milk original cheeses that are aged in our caves in Grafton.

We welcome you to visit us in Brattleboro, where we have a retail store and viewing window into the cheesemaking room. You can find our cheeses at Whole Foods, specialty cheese shops, gourmet food stores, natural food stores, food co-ops and selected supermarkets around the country.


Aged Cheddar

The tradition in handcrafted cheese in Grafton Village dates back to 1892, when local dairy farmers delivered their raw milk to the village creamery to have it turned into cheese. Today, our cheddars are aged from one through four years in the aging process (sometimes even longer). With each year, a new flavor profile emerges.

Cave Aged Cheese

The Grafton Cave Aged line of specialty cheeses takes Grafton beyond its roots in Vermont Cheddar cheese. These creations are carefully matured in Grafton's cave aging facility in the heart of Grafton Village. These small-batch cheeses may include cow's milk, sheep's milk and even a combination of the two. The line is primarily found in specialty cheese shops and is ever evolving.

Flavored Cheese

We have taken our handmade aged cheddar and added in natural ingredients to give you a line of flavored cheddars that can stand the test of time. As these are younger aged cheddars, they are great for melting and cooking, as well as a delicious addition to any cheese board.